Questions & Answers
GraphixCalc Sign Estimator (GSE)


Q: Are there subscription or maintenance fees?

A: No.

Q: Can you have more than one employee use GSE on a computer?

A: Yes, you can have as many employees use GSE on a computer, but you must have more than 1 license in order to use GSE on more than 1 computer. Only 99$ per additional!

Q: Can I calculate actual costs or is by the square foot

A: Both: Home/Shop Rate Pricing Form=Actual Costs.  Home/Inkjet Digital, typial Signage, RTA, Die Cut Graphics= Sq Ft

Q: Can I add my own products, pricing etc?

A: Yes. We have preloaded an abundance of materials, manufacturers etc, but you will want to adjust prices to reflect your costs.

Q: How can I make sure pricing is consistant?

A: By creating templates and/or using the instant price feature: Home/Templates or Home/Instant pricing

Q: Can I Integrate with my accounting software?

A: Yes: Only with a locally installed version of QuickBooks at this time.

Q: What happens to my license if I buy a new computer?

A: Nothing: We will transfer your license to the new computer.

Q: Does technical help cost money?

A: No: We want you to succeed. There will only be a predetermined charge if the software has been compromised by you trying to alter the code in any fashion.

Q: Is there 24 hour support?

A: Not at this time, but we are deligent in getting your issue resolved quickly!

Q:  Can I speak with a live person?

A: Yes, during business hours;8am-8pm Eastern Standard Time. Please leave a message if we are busy helping other cusomers.