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GraphixCALC Sign Estimator Ver 3.1 Nov 2, 2016 240 MB GSE  Windows 10

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GraphixCalc Sign Estimator 3.1 & Pro Vehicle Outlines BUNDLE Ver3.1 Jan 22, 2017   GSE Software Only
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      Optional Training Packages for GSE
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To begin Accurate Sign Pricing please click on the link below to download the GraphixCALC Sign Estimator Software. After clicking on the link you will be prompted to open, save, or cancel your download. We recommend that you select the SAVE button allowing you to have control over the information at any time.

GraphixCALC Sign Estimator is the beginning of accurate profits through Sign Estimating and because GraphixCALC Sign Estimator is so flexible we are proud to say GraphixCALC Sign Estimator is not your average Sign Pricing Software for any size Sign Business.

If you have selected to save the information to your local hard drive, please give the download time to complete. Download times will vary depending on your Internet connection and traffic at our Web site.

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GraphixCALC Sign Estimator is our latest version loaded with many new Sign Pricing features, boasts an all new interface and is even more powerful than any of our past products to date. GraphixCALC Sign Estimator offers accurate Sign Pricing for Typical Signs, Banners, Vehicle Magnetics, Real Estate Signs, Corograted Signs and a slew of other Sign Products.

NOTE: A license for each additional workstation may be purchased now or later as desired. Note that licenses are per computer, not per user.

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: When downloading leave default locations (in other words, do Not move files to desktop, other folders etc). The Program Download of GSE 3.1 Must be on a Machine and NOT on A Server or External Drive. After you have installed the software on a main machine you can put the data on a Server or Cloud, for syncing.

One on One Training Packages

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By popular demand we now offer One-on-One personal training packages. Let us help you get the most out of GraphixCALC by walking you through some or all of GraphixCALC's features.

Evaluate the packages below to see which is right for you.

By clicking the "Download" link, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Software Licensing Agreement.

This product is available for download only, please allow up to 24 hours for email delivery of your Login Key. NOTE: One license is included by default. A license for each additional workstation may be purchased now or later as desired. Note that licenses are per computer, not per user.

•Fully customizable to fit YOUR pricing needs and structure. Set default values and save prices for future use.
•Keep track of your Sign jobs from start to finish with Job Tracker.
•The TreeView feature sorts your Sign jobs by client, job or company and provides quick access to all activities.
•Determine your Shop Rate with ease with the integrated Standard Shop Rate pricing feature.
•Native integration with QuickBooks accounting software...no additional plug-in required.
• All-new interface enhances usability and organizes common tasks.
•Helpful pop-up messages appear as you hover your cursor over different areas. These include important information specific to each control or data entry point.
•Install on a single workstation or your local area network (LAN)...no additional purchase necessary.
•New Calendar feature that allows you to plan your Sign jobs and see your upcoming jobs.
•New Apparel/Screen Printing feature provides application types such as Direct to Garment, Iron On and Screen Printing with apparel types and setup fees.
•New Substrate Calculator eliminates “doing the math” for size and quantity of substrates needed for sign production.
•New Payments option allows quick accounting for tracing payments and balance due.
•New Workflow Tracker. Provides a more detailed view, allowing you to track stages, times, dates and modify categories to fit your terminology.
•Upgraded ‘under the covers’ which also allows larger shops to provide an intranet solution via Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft 365. Email for additional details


System Requirements - GraphixCALC Sign Estimator

 GSE 3.1 Version runs on Windows 7 Pro, 7 Ultimate & Windows 10. No other software is required, GraphixCALC Sign Estimator is a standalone application.

Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit or 64-bit processor

Memory: 1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit); 2 gigabytes (GB) RAM (64-bit)

Hard Disk: 240 megabytes (MB) available

Display: Minimum 1024 x 768 Screen resolution

If you experience difficulties retrieving this downloadable software, please do not hesitate to contact us.

**When downloading GraphixCALC Sign Estimator GSE 3.1:

  • We only provide 32 bit version
  • If someone has 64 bit version of access/office already, they will need to install 32 bit version (using same product key)

Downloads: 64 Bit Computers should still  Download  the 32 Bit download  (32 Bit refers to 32 Bit Office (Which 99% of us have).


Additional Software

GraphixCALC Sign Estimator  can interface with QuickBooks accounting software and Microsoft Excel, which are NOT included. Currently NOT compatible with QuickBooks Simple Start editions (QuickBooks Pro 2008 or later recommended).