Installation from GraphiXCALC 3.0 to 3.1 (Current 3.0 users only)
1) Backup your 3.0 data by going to (Setup/Backup Database).
2) Uninstall 3.0
3) Go to (C)ProgramData and delete the GraphixCALC Software folder.
4) Install GraphixCALC 3.1
5) Navigate to the Database you backed up (Setup/Database Location)

Single Workstation Install Information

Simply follow the prompts. When you are presented with the 'Select Installation Type' screen, it is important to understand the differences. For most users with a single PC installation, choose the Single-PC Install option. This will install all needed files on the computer.

Network Install Infomation

Two options are available… Multi-PC Workstation Install and Data File Install Only (on Server). First, you need to understand how GraphixCALC Pro is created. It is comprised of two primary program files (with several other support files). The files are called GraphixCALC.accde and GraphixCALC_Data.accdb. If you understand MS Access, you will likely know what these files are. The ACCDE file is the user interface, and the ACCDB file is where all of the data is stored in the database.

If you plan to install the software on multiple workstations and a server (for central file accessibility), then choose Multi-PC Workstation Install and install on each workstation. You can then install on the server using the Data File Install Only (on Server) option. NOTE: You must be logged directly into the server with the appropriate administrative rights for this to work properly. You cannot be remotely logged into the server from a workstation that you have already installed the software on, or the installation will only allow you to Repair or Remove subsequent installations.

One other option is available for a network installation, which actually may be the simplest. This will require some simple file manipulation. For this option, first choose the Single-User Install option on one of the workstations. On subsequent workstations, choose the Multi-PC Workstation Install option. No Data File Install Only (on Server) option is needed. After successful installation, navigate to the installation directory.

For Windows XP/2000, the default directory is (and is hidden by default): C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\GraphixCALC Software\GraphixCALC Sign Estimator

For Windows  7 and 10, the default directory is: C:\ProgramData\GraphixCALC Software\GraphixCALC Sign Estimator

The default directory will be assumed, but the process is the same regardless of the directory chosen. Find the file called GraphixCALC_DATA.accdb as shown.

Install Folder

Select the indicated file, then MOVE it (do not copy it) to the shared folder of your choosing.

Start GraphixCALC Sign Estimator and you will be presented with the following screen. Navigate to the shared directory that you either (a) installed onto a server or (b) moved the ACCDB file to. The software will relink the database file and continue to load. Repeat this process with each workstation that the software was installed on. You will only need to perform this operation the first time you run GraphixCALC Sign Estimator or if you move the ACCDB file to an alternate location.

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