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Use Cloud storage to sync GraphixCALC Data

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With the development of services like SkyDrive and Google Drive (there are others too), it is possible to have all of your Estimates, Invoices, etc. synced between multiple locations (i.e. home and work, multiple offices, etc.) It is now much easier to sync data with these services than in years past. If you use one of these services (many of which offer a ton of free storage space), then it is quite easy to accomplish this. Simply store your GraphixCALC_DATA file in a shared folder and you will be able to have all of your GraphixCALC data available to you at any location of your choosing. Here are the steps to take:

  1. Create a SkyDrive, Google Drive or similar account
  2. Create a folder of your choosing
  3. Either move your GraphixCALC Data file to this location (visit this page of our website for more specific location information: (http://www.graphixcalc.com/gc_installation.html) -OR-
  4. Create a backup copy and save there
  5. In GraphixCALC go to 'Setup' then 'Backup Database'
  6. You can keep the default name or rename the file as desired
  7. In GraphixCALC, go to 'Setup' then 'Database Location' and click the 'Select New Database' button and navigate to the shared folder
  8. From now on, all newly created Estimates, Invoices, etc are stored in this file
  9. On each subsequent computer, repeat step #7 and then all data is synced up between each computer
  10. You can create as many copies and backups as you like

Another benefit of using of these services is that the data is continuously backup up in case of your computer crashing, allowing you to retrieve your saved data.


Change the background image on all forms

Change Background Icon

One undocumented feature of the latest version relates to the background image of all the forms. The user can alter this image as desired simply by replacing the image file. It is necessary to use a file named exactly the same as the current one, GraphixCALC.bmp and you MUST use a BMP file. If desired, you can place several different files in the directory to see which you like best. We suggest that you rename the existing file to something like GraphixCALC-old.bmp or whatever suits you so you at least have that one to revert back to. First, close GraphixCALC Pro. Then, navigate to the installation directory (which is a hidden directory by default).

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