One on One Training Packages


By popular demand we now offer One-on-One personal training packages. Let us help you get the most out of GraphixCALC by walking you through some or all of GraphixCALC's features.

Evaluate the packages below to see which is right for you.


Starter Package: 1 hour - $75.00

  • Set up shop rate
  • Add company logo
  • Modify materials
  • Create custom templates

Basic Package: 2 hours - $150.00 (2x 1hour meetings)

Includes 1-hour package instruction, plus:

  • Create custom categories
  • Export estimate to PDf
  • Add design proof for email
  • Add mark up factors
  • Create quantity discounts

Advanced Package: 3 hours - $225.00 (3x 1hour meetings)

Includes 1-hour and 2-hour package instruction, plus:

  • Explore job tracker
  • Run reports
  • Explore actual costs vs estimate
  • Set up "Behind the scene" cost factors that include:
    • Ink Costs
    • Rip Time
    • Fabrication
    • Weeding
    • Mounting
    • Masking
    • Installation
  • Explore workflow further